Custom Beats

Custom Beats Terms and Conditions.

We make custom beats, risk free for you, according to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. We get in contact via mail or skype to negotiate what type of beat you need and what is the agreed price for an exclusive, tracked out beat customized and licensed only for you.
  2. There is no need to send us money unless you agreed to the finished product.
  3. We make the first version of the beat and send you a tagged mp3 file to review the beat.
  4. After 2 Revisions, the beat is finished.
  5. If you don’t like the beat, than you don’t have to take it. No need to send any money, no risk for you. We will put the beat in the Soundwandbeats Store to lease it to our customers.
  6. If you want the beat exclusively and tracked out, we expect you to send the agreed money on our PayPal account within 7 days. After purchase we will send you the beat immediately, all sales are final.
  7. Caution: If you don’t send us the money within 7 days, or you send us only a part of the money, or you try to negotiate about the price, we will put the beat in our store immediately and it is lost for you. If you have sent us money, we will send it back to you.

These are our Terms and Conditions for Custom Beats. If you need clarification, feel free to contact us at